Harriet Capaldi and John Studzinski CBE

John Studzinski CBE, Founder & Chairman
Joy Browne, Company Secretary & Trustee
Mons. Vladimir Felzmann, Trustee

Harriet Capaldi, Managing Director
Cécile Beauvillard Burman Associate Director
Roberta Philip Digital Content Manager

Genesis Foundation
PO Box 72511
London SW3 9DZ
United Kingdom

Genesis Foundation Enquiries

For all communications and website enquiries:

The Genesis Foundation supports young artists by funding programmes rather than individuals.

These programmes are run by established partners in the arts and the Foundation entrusts these organisations with identifying exceptionally talented young people to participate in them.

Please note: the Genesis Foundation does not fund artists directly, so we are not in a position to accept any unsolicited applications for funding.

Genesis Foundation
Registered charity number 1084555
Company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales
with company number 4136427.
Registered office: 130 Wood Street London EC2V 6DL


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