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LAMDA (The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) is an internationally-renowned drama school, recently named one of the world’s top 25 drama schools by the Hollywood Reporter. The Academy is dedicated to the vocational training of actors, stage managers and technicians, directors and designers in the skills necessary to meet the highest demands in theatre, film, radio and TV.

Genesis LAMDA Network

For over 15 years, John Studzinski and the Genesis Foundation have supported LAMDA and in September 2017 the Genesis LAMDA Network was launched, an important new mentoring programme for actors, stage managers and technicians.

The Genesis LAMDA Network pairs a final year student on LAMDA’s BA (Hons) Professional Acting, Foundation Degree Professional Acting and Production & Technical Arts courses with an experienced graduate to support them as they enter the industry. The Genesis LAMDA Network forms part of the comprehensive professional preparation LAMDA offers its students to support them beyond graduation and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to develop successful and sustainable careers in the industry.

Previously, the Genesis Foundation funded the annual Genesis LAMDA Scholarship. Each year a panel headed up by LAMDA Vice-President Dame Janet Suzman DBE, trustee Patricia Hodge, Genesis Foundation’s Managing Director Harriet Capaldi and LAMDA’s Vice Principal and Head of Acting, John Bashford, auditioned a number of students selected by LAMDA. Genesis Scholars had their tuition fees paid in their entirety over the three years of LAMDA’s BA (Hons) in Professional Acting and also received a contribution towards their living expenses.

Recipients of the Genesis LAMDA Scholarship include many leading actors including James Atherton, Sam Barnett and Tom Riley.

Sarah Frankcom, Director of LAMDA, says:

“The Genesis LAMDA Network is something that makes the transition for LAMDA graduates into the industry a positive experience in all sorts of ways. I was aware of the programme advocacy of both graduating actors and mentors whose own professional development has been enriched.”

John Studzinski CBE, Founder and Chairman of the Genesis Foundation, says:

“LAMDA is, in my opinion, currently the leading drama school in the UK; it offers the best all-round training for actors and associated theatre professionals.”

David Suchet speaking about the Genesis LAMDA network

The 25 Genesis LAMDA Scholars 2001 – 2019

Stuart Thompson (c) Stanley Morgan
Stuart Thompson (2019)
© Stanley Morgan
Carys Bowkett © Matt Nalton
Carys Bowkett (2018)
© Matt Nalton
Joanna Nicks © Tony Blake
Joanna Nicks (2015)
© Tony Blake
Oliver Cudbill © Jennie Scott
Oliver Cudbill (2015)
© Jennie Scott
Sam McAvoy
Sam McAvoy (2014)
Ryan Donaldson © Bessell Photography
Ryan Donaldson (2013)
© Bessell Photography
Alisha Williams
Alisha Williams (2011)
Faye Elvin
Faye Elvin (2010)
Sam Swann
Sam Swann (2010)
Paul Tinto © Leigh Lothian
Paul Tinto (2010)
© Leigh Lothian
Nick Julian © Julian White Photography
Nick Julian (2009)
© Julian White Photography
Jamie Hutchins © Claire Newman Williams
Jamie Hutchins (2008)
© Claire Newman Williams
James Atherton © Matt Nalton
James Atherton (2008)
© Matt Nalton
Jack Beale ©Harry Livingstone
Jack Beale (2006)
©Harry Livingstone
James Hutchinson
James Hutchinson (2004)
Amy Stacy
Amy Stacy (2002)
Gary Shelford © Rob Tarbet
Gary Shelford (2001)
© Rob Tarbet
Samuel Barnett © Faye Thomas
Samuel Barnett (2001)
© Faye Thomas


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