Natalie Carter joins the Mikhailovsky Ballet Company in St Petersburg

2 May 2018

First ever British female dancer to join the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and whose time there was funded by the Genesis Foundation takes up her position this month

In 2011, Natalie Carter and Hayley Stobo became the first British female students to be admitted to the world-famous Bolshoi Ballet Academy in order to train for a full diploma. Both had their fees paid for by the Genesis Foundation.

Natalie Carter became the first ever female British graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in 2013, after having successfully completed her first year of training at the Academy, taught entirely in Russian, where she was awarded the highest possible mark.

Natalie now joins the Mikhailovsky Ballet Company which relaunched in 2007 and is going from strength to strength, acquiring star dancers such as Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev, lured from the Bolshoi in 2011 by ballet master Mikhail Messerer. The company is well regarded at home and in London, where it has presented several seasons, and opened for the first time in New York City to glowing reviews in 2014.

John Studzinski, Founder of the Genesis Foundation, comments,

It is absolutely crucial that the exceptional talent of girls like Natalie is recognised in order for them to gain the necessary support to become independent artists. The sheer dedication of such artists is amazing and we are delighted to see how their hard work and dedication has reaped rewards. For many young, aspiring artists it is incredibly difficult for them to fulfil their dreams without any assistance and we are very proud to see the Genesis Foundation’s commitment pay off.

Natalie starts working with the Mikhailovsky Theatre Company in May 2018, whilst continuing to study for a degree in Business Studies & Law, in which she graduates next year.

The Genesis Foundation congratulates Natalie on her appointment.