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The Genesis Foundation sponsors new British Museum exhibition: Living with gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond

2 November 2017

The Genesis Foundation is the sole sponsor of the British Museum’s latest exhibition: Living with Gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond, which examines the practice and expression of religious beliefs in the lives of individuals and communities across the world. Discussing the Genesis Foundation’s patronage of the exhibition, Founder & Chairman John Studzinski said:

“Faith is an integral part of my life, which means that I am conscious of the divine in all sorts of circumstances, in sacred and secular spaces, in nature and in man-made objects.

“We’re living in a period where people are searching for meaning and substance in their lives. This exhibition is a welcome opportunity to shed light on faith in these challenging times and to remind people that there’s a deeper part of themselves that they can access if they are patient and take a chance to trust that place within them.

As soon as we began to discuss this exhibition, I was compelled by the idea of uniting in one place objects that explore religious practices across the world and throughout history. I am looking forward to witnessing people’s responses, both spiritual and emotional, as they make a connection to the divine at the British Museum. When we share an experience of this kind, we remember that we are more united than we often acknowledge, and I hope that this exhibition will remind us of that.”

The Genesis Foundation is a long-standing patron of the British Museum, with Living with gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond being the latest in a long-standing collaboration between the Genesis Foundation, the British Museum and its former Director Neil MacGregor.

The exhibition is part of a collaborative project between the British Museum, the BBC and Penguin Books. It complements the Radio 4 series of 30 daily programmes over six weeks presented by Neil MacGregor, who said:

The great thing about John Studzinski is that he’s not just a generous friend and patron, but that he’s a loyal and along-term friend and patron. For institutions, that changes the worldJohn Studzinski has helped the British Museum in different ways for over 20 years, and in all kinds of ways: making important acquisitions, and with exhibitions. He’s been a friend that the Museum can rely on: that’s the best kind of friend, the best kind of patron.

Living with gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond opens on 2 November 2017Click here to book tickets.


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