It’s time for philanthropists to stand up for theatre's freelancers - Genesis Foundation

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It’s time for philanthropists to stand up for theatre’s freelancers

27 July 2020

“The Genesis Foundation likes to take a long-term view: each year we invest at least £500,000 in artists and in the skills, mentoring and networks that will make their careers sustainable. These are talented, hard-working people who stand to make a multifaceted contribution to society in the course of their careers: not only will their art enhance the quality of all our lives, they will also prove an economic force, generating revenue for the country both directly and indirectly. We all know how much the creative sector means to the UK, both in terms of ‘soft power’ and as a major contributor to the economy. We also know to what extent it is currently under threat.

The emergency fund created by the Genesis Foundation will go at least some way to ensuring the survival of the many freelancers involved in partner-run programmes. This move is driven by compassion – this is a humanitarian crisis and we care about these people – but also by a desire to see a return on investments we have already made.”

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