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Announcing the Royal Academy of Arts’ Genesis Graduates Network

3 September 2020

Students gather in the RA Schools Library. Photo by Cat Garcia.

The Genesis Foundation and the Royal Academy of Arts are delighted to announce an exciting new tool, designed exclusively for graduates of the RA Schools. The Genesis Graduates Network is a new online resource which brings together case studies, recorded programme content, a graduates events calendar, external content and a new forum where graduates can exchange ideas, thus providing graduates of the RA Schools with access to relevant resources and new ways to connect with each other.

The idea for a Genesis Network came from Rebecca Salter, President of the Royal Academy (then Keeper of the Royal Academy), recipient of the 2020 Genesis Prize for her work guiding the RA Schools. Reflecting the crucial role of mentoring in the development of new artistic talent, which is at the core of the Genesis Foundation’s ethos, she has used the prize money to develop a new programme that will provide graduates of the RA Schools with the professional skills and resilience training needed to survive as practising artists in the commercial world. In addition to this work, Rebecca has been keen to create a place where graduates can share their experience and knowledge with each other, and communicate whenever they need to.

As well as providing a way for RA Schools graduates to be in touch with each other in a much more immediate way, the Royal Academy will use the Genesis Network to communicate with the graduates on what they’re working on, such as relevant opportunities, or new shows and events at the RA.

Rebecca Salter, President of the Royal Academy, said:

“I am honoured to have been awarded the Genesis Prize 2020, which has enabled us to provide extended support for Royal Academy Schools students and graduates. The generous backing of the Genesis Foundation has made it possible for us to offer a series of resilience training sessions, teaching techniques to help overcome stress and adversity – a vital skill in these difficult times.
We have also built a new online platform hosting a variety of resources to boost professional practice and host a forum for graduates. This allows them to connect with the RA Schools community in a variety of ways, from exchanging advice to sharing opportunities. I know this exchange of experience and knowledge will have a lasting benefit for both graduates and current students and the legacy of the Genesis Prize 2020 will live on in this innovative initiative.”

Below are some of the features of the Genesis Graduates Network:


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