Genesis Kickstart Fund project activity | Feb – Mar

1 March 2023

The image is split into three. On the left side is a photo of a group of children dancing in a room with a group of adults. They are all stood in a large circle, pointing one fist into the middle of the circle. In the middle is a photo of a person in a green jacket and a beanie hat reading out something on a piece of paper that they’re holding in front of them. On the right is a photo of the Sansara choir sitting on the steps of a church, smiling at the camera.

Images: Bold Tendencies, Meta Vs Life (Hijinx Theatre), SANSARA


Associate Artists Programme | Box of Tricks Theatre Company

Two Box of Tricks Theatre Company’s Associate Artists, Katie Scott (Designer) and Lee Affen (Composer and Sound Designer), will be working on the company’s upcoming production of Too Much World at Once by Billie Collins

Supported by the Genesis Kickstart Fund, the Associate Artists Programme recruited five ‘offstage’ artists (designer, sound designer, lighting designer, production manager, composer) last year as paid associates so that each could develop specific aspects of their own creative practice whilst supporting the organisation’s development. 

Too Much World at Once will open at HOME in Manchester on 3 March before touring nationally.  

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An image of the back of a boy in a red t-shirt, who is looking out onto a landscape of rivers and snowy mountains. The left side of the landscape is dark and stormy. The right side is bright with birds flying across a white sky. In the centre is the text ‘Too Much World at Once. A new play by Billie Collins’.

Meta Vs Life | Hijinx Theatre

Last week, Hijinx Theatre began their R&D for Meta Vs Life, a game-theatre adventure which combines the metaverse (a virtual-reality space) with the real world.  

This show-in-progress explores how audiences and performers can interact with each other in both real and online spaces. Audiences were invited to attend the R&D either in-person in Cardiff City Centre or online, and during the show were able to interact with characters and audience members on the ‘other side’ of the performance (online/ in-person). 

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The Silly Little Mouse | Bold Tendencies

The Multi-Story Orchestra has been confirmed for Bold Tendencies’ upcoming project The Silly Little Mouse

Across two days of workshops in June this year, local children and young people in Southeast London will have the opportunity to explore the singing, dancing and mask-making aspects of the opera production process. The workshops will culminate in two free performances in which participants will showcase their work to friends and families. 

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SANSARA choir have released a new album titled TRACES

The album includes choral works by British, German and Ukrainian composers, all responding to the question: How do we find inner peace in a world of conflict and division? 

The tracks on the recording will form a wider podcast series titled Traces of the White Rose, also supported by the Genesis Kickstart Fund. 

In collaboration with the University of Oxford’s White Rose Project, the podcast series will tell the story of the White Rose Circle, a non-violent intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany, using translated letters, diaries, pamphlets and choral music as storytelling tools. The podcast is set to be released later this year. 


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