Genesis Kickstart Fund project activity | Jan – Feb

27 January 2023

The image is split into three. On the left side is a photo of a young child amongst a larger group of children. The child is lit up by a spotlight and is smiling out, as if performing. The middle image is the poster for a show called Echo Land. In front of an orange backdrop are three people dressed in cream tops and trousers. Two of the people are knelt on the floor, one reading a book, the other holding a dried flower in front of one eye. The third person is stood behind them, holding a blue rectangle of material, stretched out vertically between their two hands. The image on the right is a headshot of Jonathan Watkins, who is outside. Jonathan has long light brown hair and a beard, and is wearing a grey shirt with a collar. Jonathan is looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression.

Images: Music Education Resource (JAM), Echo Land (Natalie Linh Bolderston, Daniel Phung & Tuyet Van Huynh, Photo: Gavin Li), Jonathan Watkins


Music Education Resource | JAM 

Non-profit arts organisation JAM (John Armitage Memorial Trust) is currently filming a one-hour staged oratorio by composer Richard Peat and librettist Ben Kaye for their online Music Education Resource. The aim of this resource is to enable children and amateur players to gain classical music skills, by providing online exercises, techniques and performance skills for specific instruments. 

The oratorio will dramatise the effect that humans have had on the earth’s climate, with the key musical parts designed for primary/secondary school students and amateur players to learn. 

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Motherhood: Song Cycle | Sophie Winter

Last month, theatre maker and musician Sophie Winter began leading a three-month course for new mothers based in Stroud and Gloucester called Motherhood: Song Cycle, where participants wrote lyrics for a series of songs exploring what it is to be a mum. 

The group have now finished writing lyrics for three songs with singer-songwriter Lisa Jen Brown. The project is set to culminate in a performance at the beginning of March. 

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Acts of Queer Activism R&D | Jonathan Watkins

Director and choreographer Jonathan Watkins is looking for queer-identifying dancers to take part in a five-day research and development (R&D) period from 6 March – 10 March 2023 for Acts of Queer Activism: an exploration of queer identity through movement and story. 

Prospective applicants are asked to submit a statement of interest, as well as a CV and short dance-based video that best represents their artistry. Deadline: 3 February 2023. 

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Echo Land | Tuyet Van Huynh’s Group of Artists

Theatre and Film Producer Tuyet Van Huynh is working with artists Daniel Phung and Natalie Linh Bolderston on Echo Land, a performance exploring the Vietnamese-Chinese experience and memory through dance, poetry and short films. 

This one-off GKF-funded performance will take place at Rich Mix in East London on Friday 17 March.  

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Double A Side | Beyond Face

A visual concept album titled Bigger than Lyrics has been created as part of theatre company Beyond Face’s Genesis Kickstart Fund project Double A Side

Double A Side involved working with two groups of artists, one in London and one in Devon, to create a shared performance. The aim of the project is to explore how our geographical environment affects the work we create. The lead creator of Bigger than Lyrics is Director and Writer Alix Harris. Performances of the album will take place on 16 and 17 March at Barnfield Theatre in Exeter. 

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